Hi-Performance Coaching & Training

We offer Balance Coaching to:
  • Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs wanting to decrease their stressors, manage their stress more effectively and improve their business performance
  • New business owners wanting to decrease the overwhelm of starting a business or practice
  • Businesses wanting to regain balance after company changes
  • Professionals tired of the treadmill and wanting to create a more fulfilling life
  • At-home or working mothers wanting to balance between multiple demands
  • Professionals seeking new careers or changing jobs

We offer Performance Coaching to:

  • Individuals wanting to take their public speaking up to the next level
  • Individuals wanting to overcome public speaking anxiety
  • Businesses wanting to improve their team performance
  • Businesses wanting to improve their meeting effectiveness
  • Teams wanting to excel
  • Professionals wanting to improve their work performance and effectiveness
  • Small businesses wanting to transition to Self-Directed Work Teams
  • People wanting to overcome the fear and overwhelm of interacting and socializing with others
  • Athletes, including the weekend warrior, wanting to improve their athletic performance

"Whether coaching or presenting workshops, Leslie Hoy delivers excellence. Through coaching sessions, she has helped me control my stress and taught me valuable relaxation techniques. I love seeing her present in workshops. She has outstanding presentation skills that keep the audience engaged right to the finish. What a pro! I recommend Leslie wholeheartedly."
- Linda M. Farley, Owner, Farley Training

"Leslie provides constant support, guidance, ideas, enthusiasm and confidence/trust. She helps with the 'why' question of success, not just the 'how-to'. She really made a big difference in my business with her expert coaching. She motivates me and helps keep me focused and on-track. After every conversation with Leslie, I walk away with several new, ready-to-implement ideas. On top of that, she is a very professional, wonderful and warm person." J.B.

"Professional coaching with Leslie has been great for getting back on track with setting goals and getting more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Ms. Hoy is a great sounding board with resourceful information. She helped me gain more balance in my life and has helped me reduce my stress levels. I'm a much happier person today because of the coaching experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling out of control of their life or anyone who feels they never have enough time." D.T.

"With Leslie's coaching guidance, I've been able to unstagnate my life and shed some of the fears of failing. I've accomplished several goals, some I didn't even realize existed. She helped me to assess my current situation and set goals for what I want to do with my life. Now she guides me through the steps to achieve my goals, questions me when I seem to veer off course, and makes me accountable for my decisions. She's great! I'm learning how to be proactive with my life instead of being reactive. It's like peeling the layers of an onion. Each new skill opens new possibilities. I'm even learning how to flirt. I look forward to our weekly telecons. Life has become much more exciting; sometimes I'm beside myself with joy. Thanks, Leslie - You've changed my life!" A.W.

"With the coaching with Leslie, I was able to gain insight to the stressors in my life. Now I am able to recognize when my stress level is rising. As I am able to recognize my stress level rising, I am able to defuse my stress level to prevent "blow-up". Coaching has changed my outlook on life, by reminding me that I have control of me and me only, not anyone else. Coaching allowed me to bounce ideas around and receive non-bias feedback, I equate it to being on the road and you are in control of your decision, but coaching helps you steer in the right directions if you get lost. The beauty is that you decide which road you want to take." J.L.