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"Thanks for the terrific class - the building is abuzz with details of you & it."

"Leslie is a great presenter. She makes the training very comfortable and relaxed"

"Congratulations on a very fine presentation"

"Outstanding presentation"

"You did a great job!"

"Excellent! Much needed information! Thank you"

Leslie is a Certified Corporate Trainer offering training programs to corporations, non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions. She is a 15+ year veteran of Toastmasters International, a public speaking and leadership organization, where she has earned various Toastmasters distinctions such as Able Toastmaster Gold, Competent Leader, and Able Leader, and won numerous speech contests. Leslie is member of ATD and The Organizational Development Network. She was previously an avid member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) where she served on the board for five years in the positions of V.P. Administration and V.P. Finance.

Using the elements of adult learning and multiple intelligences, Leslie offers energetic, interactive, and information-packed training programs. All programs include exercises and activities done in pairs, small groups or individually, that enhance the information and skills learned. Handouts and detailed workbooks are available for each session. At the end of each workshop, participants will create a plan for how they will utilize the skills learned.

Training programs are available in 1, 2, 3 and 6-hour formats onsite at your organization as well as through webinars. To enhance learning and application of skills learned, many companies choose to offer shorter workshops over the course of several months or the year (for example, 2 hour workshop each month covering different Team Development topics; 3 hour workshop each month on Coaching Skills for Leaders).

The following is a listing of the training programs and training areas available. Please note that additional training topics are available upon request:
  • Team Development
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Emotional Quotient/Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) for Success
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Corporate Wellness Workshops

Please email or call us for additional information: leslie@hiperformance.net or 210.379.4403.

Please see course descriptions below.

Team Development and Team Building
Fostering teamwork and developing a team-based culture can be very beneficial to your organization. Team building is not just a one time event, but rather an ongoing organizational effort and commitment. There are many aspects of team development and team building. It is usually best to tailor the Team Training to your organization depending upon where you are in your team development. Some of the areas to consider include:
  • What are teams and how might they be beneficial to our organization
  • Identify the 8 areas most important for a successful team
  • Communicating effectively
  • Conflict resolution
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback for team members
  • Building trust and rapport among team members
  • Helping supervisors transition to team leaders or coaches
  • Developing Team Goals
  • Visual Management of Goals, Progress, etc.
  • Team Chartering
  • The various stages of team development and what to do in each stage
  • 3 Elements to address to ensure a functional team (and avoid a dysfunctional team!)
  • Team roles and responsibilities

Coaching Skills for Leaders
Coaching is increasingly becoming a top priority skill for leaders in today's fast-paced and ever-changing environment. The importance of inspiring and guiding employees to realize their abilities and potentials is needed now more than ever before. Successful organizations are incorporating coaching skills in to their leadership training and transitioning to a coaching culture. In this course, you will:
  • Develop empowering coaching relationships
  • Identify your current level of Coaching Skills by completing a Coaching Skills Assessment
  • Learn the difference between a coach and "a boss"
  • Effectively use questioning skills
  • Learn and practice a 4-step coaching process,
  • Motivate others using the 6 needs
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Develop the 13 key competencies needed to be an effective coach

"Emotional Intelligence (EI) describes the ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups" (Wikipedia definition). The publication of Daniel Goleman's best seller Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ helped to increase the awareness and importance of EQ/EI. His book also helped professionals acknowledge the importance and relevance of emotions to workplace success or lack of success. EQ/EI can be learned! In this course you will learn to:
  • Understand the dynamics and importance of EQ/EI
  • Learn the 4 main areas of EQ/EI
  • Apply EQ/EI skills to your work and home environment
  • Determine your EQ/EI strengths and challenges by completing an assessment
  • Identify the steps needed to improve your EQ/EI
  • Develop a plan to improve your EQ/EI skills

Communication Skills-
One of my good friends and colleagues always says "communication is one of the hardest things we do!", and of course, we are doing it all the time! Mastering the art of effective communication increases our chances of success in both our personal and professional lives. In this course you will:
  • Learn the different styles of communicating
  • Understand the differences between passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive styles of communicating
  • Develop the skills necessary to address difficult situations
  • Learn and apply active listening skills
  • Discover how to ask the right questions for the right reasons
  • Avoid misunderstandings and overcome communication barriers
  • Feel confident expressing your thoughts and ideas

Leadership Skills -
Effective leaders have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviors that set them apart from others. Successful leaders inspire and motivate people and have the ability to create a vision and effectively transfer it to those around them. In this course you will learn to:
  • Motivate and lead your team
  • Effectively communicate your vision
  • Think strategically and align your team with the company's vision and mission
  • Achieve results through people
  • Develop your team so that they operate at their peak
  • Effectively delegate
  • Learn the Art of Influence
  • Determine your current Leadership strengths and challenges

Corporate Wellness Programs -
The health and wellness of your employees is important for their well being, happiness and productivity as well as for the bottom line of your company. There are a number of workshops that can be offered to your employees including:
  • Work/Life Balance
  • The Successful Link in Weight Loss - The Mental Game
  • Tired again? Learn Effective Sleep Management Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Office Yoga
  • Memory Skills
  • Communication Skills for Couples
  • Learning to be More Optimistic and Resilient
Other topics are available upon request.

Please email or call us for additional information: leslie@hiperformance.net or 210.379.4403.

Below are some of the companies and organizations where Leslie has presented:
  • International Gas Turbine Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Federal Express
  • Smith Barney
  • NBC/GE
  • Veterans Administration VIST Group - National Conference
  • The University of Texas - Health Science Center
  • Sino-Swearingen Aircraft Corporation
  • Geisinger Medical Center - Pennsylvania
  • Texas Commission for the Blind
  • San Antonio Low Vision Club
  • Southwest Research Institute
  • The County of Bexar

"Leslie Hoy is an inspirational trainer and coach of organizational dynamics. Her depth of understanding of human behavior and caring for each individual was evident in her successful engagement with our company at Quantum Components. Her knowledge, persistence and enthusiasm helped us transform a traditional organization structure into an energized, efficient, flat, and productive team-based organization. Her ability and willingness to inspire and lead either an entire team or individual coaching of team members and her positive attributes of caring for the individual or team were evident. I highly recommend Leslie for your next training and organizational development endeavor."

- Danny McQuay, President, Quantum Components.

"It was my pleasure to attend Leslie's "Team Building" workshop. Her energy and enthusiasm were immediately apparent and made the time fly by. The interactive nature of the presentation and exercises really drove home the key points and reinforced the training. She also anchored the work by having people commit to 3 changes they would make when they get back to work. Most importantly, she asked for a lot of audience input and participation and worked it into the team building skills ideas. This made the participants feel even more valued and important. Her professional credentials are impressive, but to see her abilities in person is even more impressive. I look forward to being a part of another of her presentations in the near future."

- David Baenziger, Certified Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center and Institute for Economic Development

"Leslie brings out the best in you! Her charisma and enthusiasm are contagious. Her dynamic and interactive training style allows participants to share ideas openly in a class setting. She uses brainstorming exercises in class and rewards teams based on their contribution, which keeps the audience competitively engaged. She does a marvelous job in helping the trainees to understand the material and apply it in their work environments. One employee stated, ("The trainer was excellent, knowledgeable and informative.")"
"Leslie's expertise in training and coaching has been a real asset for Texas Manufacturers Assistance Center. She taught three workshops covering time management, interpersonal communication, and motivational strategies for a local company. This summer, Leslie delivered an outstanding half-day workshop on teambuilding for San Antonio Manufacturers Association members. It has been a pleasure working with Leslie and I look forward to tapping her expertise in the future."

- Rosendo Cantu, MBA, Southwest Research Institute

"Leslie Hoy is a seasoned pro when it comes to training. She is known for giving much more than is expected…everyone always leaves with lots of tips and information to use outside the workshop. My absolute favorite Leslie Hoy presentation is on stress management. Leslie uses interesting tools to give you a real hands-on experience on how to manage stress. I have learned so much from her. She is a consummate professional and has outstanding presentation skills that keep your interest until the end. I recommend Leslie often to clients needing workshops or coaching. She is fabulous."

- Linda M. Farley, Owner, Farley Training, Past-President, American Society for Training and Development

"Superb - Informative - Timely. Those are just some of the comments I heard from people who attended the San Antonio Manufacturers Association Team Building Workshop. Those in attendance really appreciated not only the informative presentation, but also the chance to hear first-hand from someone such as your self about the need for teamwork and how to go about implementing a program. The success of an association such as SAMA depends on teamwork, so I can readily attest to the need for an effective program. Please accept our appreciation for not only an outstanding presentation, but also for taking time out of your hectic schedule to make it happen. It was a super effort and we really appreciate your support. Again, our thanks for your time and effort."

- Michael H. Harris, President, San Antonio Manufacturers Association

"Leslie Hoy is an excellent speaker! She provided lots of great information in a way that made is easy and enjoyable to learn. We loved her relaxed way of responding to the questions the group asked and the way she customized her talk to fit our group. I recommend her if your group needs a speaker!"

- Leslie A. Cardinal, Executive Coach, San Antonio

"Leslie is an outstanding professional coach, trainer and presenter. She has high level skills in working with companies to develop their people to high performance. Leslie is able to work with a wide variety of industries; she has made positive impacts on teams from healthcare to manufacturing. I have used Leslie as a personal coach and her skills have made a lasting impact on my life. We also worked together on the board of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), where she consistently provided high quality support. I have recommended Leslie to several of my clients for projects."

- Linda Farley, Farley Training, San Antonio, Tx

"Leslie has amazing skills. I recommend her without hesitation. I will work with her in a heartbeat. Trust her to have your best interest in mind, to find appropriate solutions, and to work with you as needed until completion."

- Bob Bevard, The Speaker Who Motivates, BB&A Seminars (business partner)

"Leslie has provided on-going team development services for my organization for about 3 years. During that period she has shown great intellect and flexibility which she effectively used to meet the changing needs of my company as we matured into a team managed organization.
Beginning with personality assessments for the company's management and then moving on to various key individuals as required, Leslie was instrumental in building the social framework that allowed employee teams to successfully become self-managed workgroups.
As my company continues to grow and face new challenges in the global market place, we anticipate Leslie's skills will be needed even more. She has been a valuable asset to Quantum Components. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

- Tim Gikas, Manager of Quality, Quantum Components Ltd.

"Leslie spoke at our January chapter meeting, and she was an inspiring way to start off the New Year. We enjoyed learning about how to better achieve a work life balance and some great tips and tricks to use along the way. She fired us up and left us motivated to get started. Several members mentioned that they went home and started right away with her advice. We really enjoyed having her there to share with us!"

- Amber Kelly, Vice President of Programs, International Association of Administrative Assistants